Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Freedom Is Good

Freedom is good.
It’s a way of life.
Freedom is good.
It eliminates strife.
Freedom is good.
It’s really fun.
Freedom is good…
Until you jump the gun.
Freedom is good.
Because it allows us guns.
It was freedom that killed Bambi’s mom.
And I can still remember that sound.
The echoing explosion.
The doe falling down.
The dreaded crack that echoed across the snow beds and in my head.
Raping my childhood with terror and dread.
And it was clear to me that Bambi’s mom was dead.
So take your freedom and hug it tight.
Along with your gun investment rights.
And what is the right?
What is the right?
You and I, babe, we could go to the moon.
Perhaps via house and abundant balloons?
Create our own world.
A world of guns.
Killing deer.
Having fun.
I love you, freedom.
You’re my apple pie.
Throughout the down times and the high.