Thursday, June 9, 2011

2051 Ambrosia Cafe Ad

Well, hi there.
Happy 2051.
I hope you’re having fun.
And what a year it’s been.
I wish I could return to the old days.
For I can remember these days that used to be.
Drinking orange juice in a tree.
But they took all the trees away!
And with them, they built…MACHINES!
And parking lots!
And houses, which ANY good stone cave could suffice!
And with the trees also went the oranges.
And thus put an end to our orange juice drinking days.
And things were never the same after that.
We would stay up until three watching MTV back when it was music television, not mind control television.
I would see the old people sitting on a park bench feeding the birds, and say, “Hey, maybe when I get old, I can do that too!”
Anybody here remember park benches?
And there were refills.
Oh yes, wonderful free refills!
Until “The Man” came around and took all the free refills away.
But in the midst of all this turmoil, there is still hope for you and me.
There’s a place I know where we could go and refill our cups for free.
It’s a little place called Ambrosia Café.
And you and I could go down there today!
And perhaps meet a few old friends along the way.
Don’t deny yourself of the cheap and abundant iced tea.
Because once again, the refills there are free.
So when you’re feeling helpless, when you’re feeling lonely and down, just remember, free refills await you.
And they’re just downtown.
Where the iced tea flows.
And it’s so affordable that your soul will sing.
So don’t leave yourself in the dark,
Down at the Star Bucks, looking for a place to park.
Follow me on the rail of light.
And when we get to Ambrosia, everything will be alright.
And you and I could just chill for awhile.
With refills so free, they’d make an EMO smile.
So when you’re traveling, then while you’re on your way,
I recommend you stop by Ambrosia Café.

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