Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Love Hotel Ad

The following was written on May 7th, 2011. It should be spread throughout the globe so that one day, it will be recognized by people from all walks of life, and just might become the global anthem. Feel free to print the following message out and send it as a message in a bottle, or tie it to a balloon. Without further a doo, here:

Hello. The date today is May 7th, 2011. This poem is a rewrite of an as of yet unreleased song by Neil Young titled “Love Hotel.” It is written as an endearingly awkward advertisement for the Love Hotel. It should be sung to the tune of the song “Look Out for My Love,” without the chorus.

If you’re traveling
On the highway for a long time,
You might experience
In other words,
You might get tired,
Being that
Most humans aren’t nocturnal.
So when that happens to you, babe,
You now have two choices;
You can risk a car crash,
Or enjoy the coolness
Of a place that exists,
And it is easily accessed
By simply checking in.
Alright, it’s called the Love Hotel.
If you’re at the Love Hotel,
You can sleep for awhile
In a bed so comfortable
It’ll make you smile.
And in the morning,
If you’re really starving,’
Just go down to the Lobby,
And get yourself a doughnut.
Unless you’re one of those snobs
Who doesn’t eat sugar.
But if you are,
You can go and jump in a lake.
Well, maybe not a lake,
But at least a swimming pool.
And yes, the Love Hotel has one
Because it’s just that cool.
And if you get bored
When it’s late at night,
Just turn on the T.V.
T.V.’s produce light.
Not only do they do that,
But they also provide entertainment.
So you can watch T.V.
All night in your hotel room (or basement.)
Except the Love Hotel
Doesn’t have a basement.
It has lots of rooms
Where people can stay.

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